WCell & Its Future

Hi All,

Thought I’d just make a new post to mention the fact I am now proceeding forward with WCell and moving it in the future as best I can, WCell was starting to get very stagnant and I am not going to allow that to happen.

WCell will now be running a policy of, if you want to stay in WCell then be active, otherwise you will get knocked down a peg until you end up a standard public user, if anyone feels like joining WCell’s now fast pace moving status then feel free I am always interested in getting new developers on board etc especially at this kind of time.

Over the next few days I’ll probably start to look at cleaning up old lists of users and staff since its just a pile of outdated mess, after which the wiki is the next focus to cleanup and actually have as a more helpful complete resource for new developers and users alike.

Current outstanding sufficiently active developers which won’t be removed or made a community moderator are myself and Davy/Pepsi1x1

Proceeding on from that point — WCell’s Future

This is a simple list of how WCell will be moving forward and its improve development and livelyness.

  • Clean out the old lists and inactive developers , or set as community moderators.
  • Clean up the wiki and re-write old articles to be more user & developer friendly, add alot more documentation for new parts of WCell.
  • Recruit any new developers who are interested in working on WCell & work with them to help them understand it.
  • WCell is now working with quite a few new developers and a new team overall, who are now working on WCell’s code and any custom mods will be done as WCell.Flux from Blaze Of Destruction ( in the same kind of fashion as WCell.Heroes)
  • Work on getting the various sites used, http://bugs.wcell.org http://builds.wcell.org http://paste.wcell.org etc
  • Develop a brand new WCell specific Pastebin which will have a more advanced site rather than the current simplistic downloaded php script.
  • Integration via Addon from WCell to the pastebin (exception reports for example)
  • Integration via Addon with Jira (bugs.wcell.org) for reporting bugs ingame, or exceptions and giving steps to reproduce which can auto-pastebin the log & link it to the bug report.
  • Many many more things which I will write more posts about!
  • As ever you are always welcome to come talk to us in #wcell on quakenet :)

More to come, watch this space! :)

If you want to contact us for anything at all, use contact@wcell.org



New Update

Hi All,

Haven’t written a post in a while because I’ve just updated the last post to reflect information, the server migration is complete and the server is running very well so far it has all the main Atlassian software loaded on it which as usual is working amazingly (not being sarcy either).

Had great help from them with issues too and also been granted a license for the new Atlassian Stash software (aptly named)

Hope to have a poke around with it all today and get everything setup to start doing automatic deployments and releases as well so people can just grab a zip of wcell and all they need to do is install the DB & get DBC and run it.

DB automation is also planned as well as this will help alot with installation, and also remember to join our IRC chat room, I am developing the WCell UtilityBot in there as well which will be a great help for your various WoW needs with servers, and also for help topics and such.

Watch this space!

Linux Support is also very close hopefully as its something we’ve been working on :)

Upcoming Re-fresh

Hi All,

Just putting up a news post to mention the upcoming changes so everyone is aware!

This weekend I intend to be making some serious changes to servers to my new solution setups, this will of course mean everything WCell related will go down.

This also means our BNCs on irc (we’ll be in there directly instead), Jira, Bamboo,Fisheye this site, the forums will all go down (I am looking into hosting them elsewhere in the meantime)

This will be a complete system refresh and update, after this occurs WCell development will be resuming at full speed and we intend to get alot of development and improvements written in as well.

I intend to continue pushing mono as our priority for linux users as then we will be cross-compatible and after that is done we will move straight to the 4.x branch to start improvements there instead.

I will also actively be looking to much increase the size of our development team and start taking apps so if you are interested then now is the best time to contact us and get your app/request to be a developer in (a good start would be to fork our repo on github and do some fixes (no matter how small it all makes a difference!) http://github.com/wcell/wcell is the link you need)

You can also send your apps to contact@wcell.org , or if easier contact me on IRC instead -> Jaddie just leave me a message and I will get back to you asap.

We will also be looking for people experienced with SQL (MySql) and to improve our database usage, as depending on UDB is starting to fail us, so we will either have our own DB or will at least be working on Skyfire DB compatability.

If ever you have feedback or any suggestions at all please do come and talk to us or forward to the above email!



WCell Owner & Maintainer

New Update, continued

Hi All,


Just a another quick update, the server has now been updated alot… 28 thousand update operations (thanks microsoft!).

The server is running alot faster now due to the restart and also the large cleanup of programs and such running on the server cleaned out alot of old rubbish.

All the servers, jira bamboo etc have all been updated to their newer versions and are running alot better (also deleted bamboo and re-set it up due to issues with it.

Re-linked all the servers together to make sure its done properly, bamboo now takes users from jira as well and so does fisheye.

The websites and services are all running through nginx now instead, which is alot faster, the speed difference is amazing and we still have the ability to open wiki urls which have : in them, the url re-writing works better as well, you can now write any page url in and get the proper editing page.

If you find any issues with the bugs, builds, or wiki pages etc anything on the site please email contact@wcell.org or come tell me (Jaddie) on IRC and I will fix it!



WCell Owner & Maintainer

A brand new year & Update

Hi All,

Just at last got some time aside to sort this out, I’m actually logged into the admin area and adding a post!

The Irc channel is getting regular visits now from various different people, the BNCs are all working very well.

As for the backend software, I have spent the last few months working my nads off, WCell is now fully licenced for pretty much every piece of www.Atlassian.com software

We have been kindly granted licenses for:

Jira – Bug tracking & Overall Central hub with Agile development built in

Greenhopper – Agile Project Management

Confluence – Enterprise wiki (not used currently due to us preferring mediawiki)

Fisheye – Source control management, browser and commit note parser (this is what posts a json file to the utilitybot which outputs commits in #wcell)

Bamboo – Build Server , this builds all the source code upon any commit and also runs tests and deploys the live versions and such and provides public releases.

Crucible – Code Review, this allows us to go through changesets and code commits and comment on it, this is especially useful for new devs to WCell or C# who are learning so we can help them

I have spent my time getting all of this setup and working on the systems and making sure it works properly, I have now got the majority of it sorted out in terms of linkages, so effectively everything links up at jira now, which then links off to the separate components.

All these systems are fully public and usable by anyone.




WCell Owner & Maintainer

WCell Latest

The latest information:

The WCell bug tracker & Build system has been changed multiple times, now we are sitting on youtrack and teamcity, teamcity works quite well but youtrack is not performing to requirements.

I will be shortly be changing the system to use Trac instead as it should be more suitable for our situation and I know how to use it + it works to requirements.

Also the latest edition to the WCell system is the new BNC servers on the WCell server -> We have now got offical BNCs for WCell staff, so on IRC users will have username@WCell.org users etc.

All WCell staff must contact me to gain access to their BNC users asap please! :)

More news to come shortly I’m sure :)


WCell Terrain!

We have the WCell.Terrain project online now as well which seemingly should be working at least partially.

We have also got contact back with the Dev that worked on it! Excellent news so that things can continue at top speed again

The project has been added to the main repo as well now and works on the recast system from crysis, WCell has worked closely with one of the crysis developers in order to get the system working.

This system is extremely advanced and continues in WCell’s on-going taskt o maintain a high readability extremely well written codebase with advanced features.


Using the Issue Tracker

When reporting errors to us, please use the Issue Tracker, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are reporting issues to the correct branch.
  2. Check already existing issues so that there wouldn’t be duplicates.
  3. Please try to make the title short but specific
  4. Copy the complete exception from the log file and paste it to WCell’s Pastebin/
  5. Copy the link and paste it in your issue body.
  6. The body of the issue should be a very specific explanation of the problem with the steps to reproduce the error.

If you are making a feature request or reporting a missing feature, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure this has not already been reported
  2. Make the title short and specific
  3. Explain what is missing in the body
  4. Include links of the description of the feature on external sites (wowhead/wowwiki/etc)


Welcome to the New Site!

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the new site, hope you like it.

Obviously this has just been setup so don’t be too harsh on judgement 

I will be adding more to the site, in the mean time the main focus points for destinations would be either:

Contact us on IRC

Github Repo


Bug Tracker

WCell Wiki

As for the bug tracker, if you are unsure of how to write something in English write your report in a language you are better at and someone or myself will translate it for you.

If you need any support at all do not hesitate to ask anywhere!